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whats my cooper city home worth


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whats my cooper city home worth

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This Rock Creek Cooper City community has been planned to take full advantage of its natural surroundings, with many of the common areas on lakes with tot-lots and jungle gyms that encircle the Rock Creek Cooper City community.

Rock Creek Cooper City :: Super Community!

You can feel the positive energy the moment you pass through the Rock Creek Cooper City entrance and head toward the pool and tennis center, the focal point for Rock Creek Cooper City’s fun-filled lifestyle. This is an active community, young in spirit and young in heart, regardless of the actual ages of the individual residents. Rock Creek Cooper City's Stone bridge parkway encircles the Rock Creek community and is where you will see Rock Creek residents exercising while enjoying Rock Creek's gorgeous scenic views! The idea the Rock Creek Cooper City developers had from the start was to create an exercise course where Rock Creek residents would walk its 2.8 mile circle. (See Photo to the right). This Rock Creek idea was a hit for sure!

The Rock Creek Cooper City Master Plan was designed with gorgeous rock lined lakes for residents to sit back, relax and enjoy! Rock Creek Cooper City neighbors truly enjoy the Rock Creek Cooper City community’s wealth of amenities, from the welcoming pool and tennis center entrance to the excitement of the tennis and a professionally equipped fitness center with the latest cardio and weight training equipment. (Pool and Tennis Center membership fee required but as a Rock Creek resident you pay a reduced fee).


Over 10 years ago I moved to Rock Creek Cooper City to raise my two children. My daughter started kindergarten at Embassy Creek Elementary, attended Pioneer Middle School for grades 6 through 8th and is now in her sophomore year at Cooper City High School. My son is currently in the 4th grade at Embassy Creek Elementary School! My daughter is in honors classes and has her eye set on attending FSU, UF or UCF! I can not be more proud of her and impressed with our Cooper City School system! As a parent that lives in Rock Creek Cooper City and has raised and is raising children in Rock Creek Cooper City, call me to help you SELL or BUY a Rock Creek Cooper City home. Why would you chose anyone else?
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Cooper City Home Values
What's My Cooper City Home Worth?

One of the main obstacles in selling a Cooper City Florida home quickly and for top dollar is to hire the right professional Realtor from the start. You should hire a Realtor that truly understands the Cooper City market and pricing strategies to get the best and highest price for you home. A Cooper City top listing broker provides a complete market analysis (CMA), analyzes Cooper City Market trends, discusses marketing strategy and the staging of your Cooper City home. Since there are many factors in pricing a home correctly, once your consultation is in full session you should know the answer to the question, "What's my Cooper City Home Worth?" Click HERE ---> WhatsMyCooperCityHomeWorth.com for a quick Cooper City home price estimate.

What's My Cooper City Home Worth?

If you own a home in Cooper City Florida, and are looking to sell your Cooper City home, this is the time for your home to shine! Most likely the buyers looking for a home for sale in Cooper City have seen many homes and are waiting for the newest listing to hit the market. Your home needs to look good, smell good and feel warm and inviting. Remember that you are in competition with the surrounding Cooper City homes. So when asking, "Whats my Cooper City Home Worth?" make sure your Cooper City home listing agent has provided you with all of the comparables in your Cooper City neighborhood. Make sure to ask your Cooper City Realtor what the prices per square foot are with the most recent home sales. So the answer to "What's My Cooper City Florida Home Worth?" is what the market says its worth plus what a buyer is willing to pay for it.

What is a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) and will this help answer the question of What's my Cooper City FL home worth?

A Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) is a tool used by Real Estate agents to obtain the most accurate snap shot of the market comparing prices of similar homes in the same area that have recently sold. The main factors that contribute to the value of your home are the condition of your home (Upgrades) and location. Real Estate agents gather detailed information on homes as similar to your home as possible to help determine a listing price. If you want a quick Cooper City home estimate, Click HERE --- What's my Cooper City home worth? We have created a home valuation tool which shows you three Cooper City Home Valuations. The Low Estimate, Middle Estimate and the High Estimate. The low estimate is an estimate of your home if it has never been upgraded and everything is original. The middle estimate is an estimate of your Cooper City home where you only partially upgraded your home (Just upgraded the kitchen) and the high estimate is a completely remodeled home. Although these estimates are close to market trends, it does not take into account of your location in the neighborhood like a cul-de-sac or on the biggest part of the lake! When selling your Cooper City home, to sell quickly you should list your home in the price range of what similar homes have sold for in Cooper City. Remember when selling your Cooper City home, the market determines the price, the longer your home sits on the market the higher the risk of becoming stale and needing a price reduction. Very Important tip: When a home is priced right from the start, it usually generated a higher contract price.

How Do You Come to Your Asking Price?

Figuring out your Cooper City home's asking price can be a challenge if you haven't hired the right Cooper City expert listing broker. There is a delicate balancing act that the Cooper City home seller must decide upon. Does the seller list their home for above the true market value? This could cause the Cooper City home seller to miss out on a large pool of potential buyers. The Cooper City home seller must price their home at the current market value and look better than the competition with the ultimate goal of attracting multiple buyers that drive the sales price up. The smart Cooper City home buyer has researched property values.

When Do I Sell My Cooper City Home?

Timing is everything! When your home is priced right and hits the Cooper City home market, you can rest assured you will have a tremendous turnout in the first few days. If your property is overpriced in hopes to "test" the market, you risk having your home on the market for weeks or months which tremendously reducing its desirability. The best advise when listing your Cooper City home for sale is to price it right from day one and to market the home aggressively. This will assure the greatest chance for a full price or above listing price offer!

What's My Cooper City Home Worth? Top Cooper City REALTORS Can Answer that question!

Want to know whats my home worth or “What’s my Cooper City Florida home worth” contact Green Realty Properties top Cooper City real estate listing broker, Patty Da Silva. Patty will provided you with a complimentary Cooper City home value estimate.

Cooper City, Florida Coordinates: See every Cooper City Satellite image possible HERE ---> 26°2'41?N 80°17'22?W

Cooper City is a city located in Broward County, Florida, United States.